Hose & Fittings

I am covering the whole of the UK , England, Wales and Scotland for hydraulic hose and fittings, working in conjunction with Internationally recognised suppliers and brands.  If you are buying a Crimper to start selling hose and fittings or if its for your own use then I will set you up with a range which covers the full range of Hose, 2 SN, 2 SC, Multi 4 SP and 4 SH, thermoplastic, PTFE & industrial hoses.  The full range of fittings in Carbon and Stainless with BSP, JIC, ORFS, flange and  metric fittings.
I will do all of the training on the Machinery, hose and fittings. I supply price lists, Catalogues, relevant Swage charts and labels/part numbers for your stock .  We offer an excellent next day delivery service from stock & I do on site inspections of customers works and machinery to work out viable stock orders to go with your new or own Crimper 
If its Hose and fittings you want  just call me, any day, any time.

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