Large Bore Hose Crimpers


* Large opening 180mm
* Long Die Travel so the opening is increased to allow removal of large 90 degree fittings
* Long master die shoes 120mm
* Touch screen computerised control

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Product Information KP-60:

Our KP-60 is a universal hose crimping machine, made for heavy duty use. This machine combines a high crimp power of 350 Tons and large opening features, making this machine the ideal tool for assembling all type of hoses up to 2” 6-Spiral with interlock fittings and industrial hoses up to 4”, even with Female Cam & Groove couplings.

The KP-60 hose crimping machine is dedicated to be used by professional hose workshops and larger Mining and quarrying operations, oil sites looking for the extreme performance offered by the KP-60. Thanks to its standard automatic opening, the KP-60 is also an ideal tool to make serial hose assemblies.

KP-60 is also available with a Touch Screen Computerized control.

Technical Specifications KP-60:


* Pressure monitoring
* Oil cooling
* Data record & transfer
* Fast cycle
* Large opening & silent hydraulics

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Product Information KP-150:

Product Description Coming Soon

Technical Specifications KP-150:

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