Roll Marking Machines


Roll Marking Machine

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Product Information MARK200P

Marking Area: D 20 x 105

Dimensions: 509mm x 241mm x 348mm 

Service Pressure: Max. 8 bar

Number of Lines: 2

Character Size: 3mm

Character: 30

Weight: 28Kg


Roll Marking Machine
Marking head with 1 line to fill with 16 blocks Delivered with a box containing 50 blocks (numbers, letters PSI/BAR) Ideal for restricted work spaces Option : Support Bench

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Product Information NRM 1

 Capacity: External diameter of the ferrule to mark :  Minimum : 11.5mm Maximum : 85mm

Dimension of marking blocks: 6 x 4 mm (delievred in a box of 50 blocks)

Marking Head: Included 1 x LINE to fill with 16 blocks.

Action: By manual lever, height is adjusted by a turning wheel

Machine dimensions: Length 390 x Depth 193 x Height 675 mm

Poids: 24kgs

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